About Us

DivineSites was established in order to provide a solution for interested customers – Realize an online presence in a smart, professional and efficient way.

Let us realize your unique contribution to the world Through your website.

Our company offers professional and varied services in all areas of the Internet and IT, including consulting, development and support services for all the modern needs of the modern office.

We believe in making personal recommendations – so we’ll always be happy to hear from you

Some info regarding our work flow

We believe in people and processes. Therefore, our emphasis is first and foremost on you – and understanding of your needs and desires / demands. After thorough understanding and advanced characterization, we can build the best action plan for your needs and what the Internet has to offer you.

In our view, the planning process is one of the most important parts of the work process because it is the process that determines how each part of the project will be performed, in particular: what the expectations will be for it, what the planned timetables are, how it should show what the estimated costs are, etc’.


​Goals for building a site: Spread Knowledge | Sell | Improve Image | Receive Inquiries

Our outstanding values are fairness, integrity and transparency.

Proper planning, and a constructive work process are the key tools for any successful project…

“We provide services – we do not sell sites …”

In the work process we believe in the following steps
to create a perfect and effective website:

Design and Characterization
At this stage we will characterize and define the needs and expectations and begin planning the site with a specific understanding of the needs of the site – the most important stage in the whole process
Content and Copywriting
At this stage we will collect, edit and write all the content of the site – including the definition of the main headlines and the paddle buttons for action.
Design and User Experience
At this stage we will design the site and its various elements, including the definition of the visual language and user experience: sliders design, banners, buttons and titles.
Technology - Construction and Development
At this stage we will connect all the parts and begin building and programming the site. We will build all the pages, forms, buttons and special elements needed for the site, such as a store, calendar, etc.
QA, and Cellular
At this stage we will make sure that all parts of the site are compatible with all types of screens and browsers, we will perform tests to ensure that all parts of the site work as expected and convenient for work.
Marketing, Promotion and Optimization
At this stage we will start marketing the site to the world and adapt the site to the search engines – we will connect it to the management tools and statistics and make sure that the content promote the site in Google.
Maintenance and Upgrades
This step is a continuous phase where you need to constantly update your WordPress system, extensions, and template to work as efficiently as possible – and to avoid security issues and loopholes.

The range of services we offer:

  • Construction, design, design and promotion of websites for private and business customers.
  • Advertising, marketing and organic promotion and / or sponsored by a variety of means.
  • Branding and designing related elements outside the Internet – logos, folders, company pages, banners, etc.
  • Development and management modules / complex elements –

    Databases, email servers, distribution lists, security, cloud technology, etc.

  • Website translation and website matching for different platforms – Macintosh, tablets, cellular.
  • Design and construction of landing pages, mini-forums, forums, blogs, Facebook / Google / Myspace, etc.
  • Consulting, support and accompaniment of site development processes outside of our company.

Proper planning, and a constructive work process are the key tools for any successful project…
“We provide services – we do not sell sites …”

About Divine Sites

Elad Yanai

Founding CEO – Internet consultant and web architect – Web developer and developer for more than 17 years – BA in digital media (With honors FCH) from SAE College, Melbourne, Australia.
Programming in Open Source, CSS, PHP, ASP, .NET, JQUERY, SQL, HTML5, JS etc. Expert in working with large databases, developing unique modules, SEO, sponsored campaigns, web analytics etc. Specializes in development, marketing, characterization and advanced management solutions. He has extensive experience in the field of complex project management including the development of custom dashboard solutions for organizations, enterprise management systems (ERP / CRM), clearing and payment solutions, project management and events (APIs, Gantt, etc.). “I am a great believer in man’s ability to create his own reality – and therefore I am a great fan of the human side of technology – and our ability to learn how to realize our dreams …”

Nathaley Yanai – Dibbner

Graphic Designer, Branding and Copywriter – BA in Design (cum laude) from the Holon Institute of Technology. She has been creating and designing for over 10 years.
As part of her job at McCann-Erickson, she worked with a variety of client audiences and a variety of projects. Her expertise is evident in her ability to extract the essence and goals of each person or process, formulate and design it in a friendly, aesthetic and visual and informative way. “After working for several years as an Internet project manager for clients, I realized how much site construction is not understood by people who are not familiar with the Internet world and the large price gaps between different solutions. In addition, I encountered quite a few customers who built a site several times over and over again because they wanted to save money, but in the end they spent a lot of extra money just because they did not receive proper professional advice. I realized how important it is to perform a thorough characterization process with the customer, in order for the site to be sustainable and tailored to the client for as long as possible. ” Nathale Yanai-Dibbner (Partner and Customer Relations Manager)

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